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You are unique

There is always a coach behind your program! This is what makes us different! How is this possible? Well, because we are not simply an App. We are a network of coaches, athletes and sports professionals and in addition we have one of the top Virtual Training platforms currently in existence.

If you choose your exercises randomly your results will be arbitrary. There are millions of free exercise and training routines available on the internet, but it takes expertise and knowledge to tailor them to your individual requirements.

We will assess each of the aspects of your training program with you in order to establish realistic objectives and we will accompany you throughout your journey.

Assessing all that matters

We will assess the most relevant aspects affecting your fitness progress such us your basic body metrics, back ground, physical alterations and personal goals, the detail of assessments deepens according to the plan selected.

Setting up the right program

A training program is not static, the key for accomplishment is progression. We have the tools to provide you with a comprehensive program that will be followed up and adapted according to your training cycles and the plan selected.

Tracking your progress

Yes, we can monitor all the aspects of your training specially if you wear an activity tracker. This is how the virtual training becomes effective, we will check the regularity and intensity of your training and even aspects such as daily rest and activity in order to give you the most accurate feedback and help you stay motivated.

Tracking your nutrition

Not even a perfect training program works without a proper nutrition. This is not about drastic changes but mostly about daily tips that help you acquire consistent healthier habits.

Staying connected

Motivation is a principle of success. We will talk to you, answer your questions and ask you questions. Interact, communicate, encourage, guide you. In other words empower you to be and to keep engaged.